The Sandunovskiye bathhouse (Sanduny) is Moscow's most famous banya. Favored by politicians and celebrities, this bathhouse is a symbol of class and good taste.

Moscow Saunas

Going to banya's (bathhouse) and saunas is a venerated traditional Russian pastime. The banya’s existed in Russia since medieval times and have been a part of Russian culture. Almost every peasant house in the country have a wooden banya, though often only with bare essentials - a furnace to heat rocks, water mixed with eucalypt oil for steam and a bunch of dried birch twigs for flagellating. But in Moscow, Russia's symbol of moneyed decadence, the act of bathing turned into a fine art. Banya’s and saunas offer a wide range of services from billiards and vodka to group sex. Nowadays there are over 30.000 saunas operating in Moscow for the high and middle class offering different ways of relaxation.