Disabled people inside an Orthodox church. New life is not a beautiful metaphor for those who come here. Not only physical obstacles that the trauma entails but also social ones: loss of friends, broken relationships, low self-esteem. Saki is the place where a person in a wheelchair has a good chance to get it all back and even more than that: to re-arrange everyday life, to start new business, to get on with new friends.

Saki - a capital of the disabled

Saki - a quiet Crimean town near the sea and a healing mud resort is often referred to as the capital of the disabled. A wheelchair is the most common means of transportation which people use here. Disabled people or "spinals" as they (as they refer to themselves in Russian) flock here striving for the only ambition - to get back on their feet. Allthough nowadays such an injury is not a verdict, only a few people manage to walk again. But it is not the physical condition that disables but inaccessible environment and social attitude. In this regard, Saki is believed to be a different matter, for every inhabitant of the town treats a person in a wheelchair as an equal both in opportunity and status.

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