The average maximum winter snow depth is up to 3 meters. A village of more than 250 people called The Abode of Dawn is the heart of Vissarions community. The only source of electricity are solar panels. The village was meant to be an experimental ecological settlement. For construction of the settlement the local administration allocated 250 hectares of wooded reserves. Nowadays the village still doesn't appear on any map.


Deep in the vast Siberia lies the Church of the Last Testament, the largest and remotest religious community in Russia. Its leader Sergey Torop, a former traffic cop, claims to be a Reincarnation of Jesus Christ. He commands a following of 5 thousand believers in around 30 villages and rules over a large territory of the Siberian Mountains which he proclaimed the Promised Land. Many people sold their apartments in Moscow and Saint Petersburg donating large sums of money to his Church to start a new life in the forests of taiga. Life in the Community of the United Faith is very basic, people live on an entirely vegan diet, based on what they can grow themselves. Smoking, drinking, alcohol and money are banned. The houses and churches are built from wood by hand and most of the energy comes from windmills and solar panels. Instead of Christmas, the followers celebrate Vissarion's birthday in January and the Time in the community is measured by Vissarions life, so as he is now 49 years old they are living in year 50. Vissarion has preached all over the world and his disciples include many people from different European countries.